TICTAC art centre is an alternative art centre in Brussels founded by David Zambrano and Mat Voorter in 2018, focused on the transmission of creative methods for performing and visual arts.  It is a place where different arts like dance, painting, costume designing and other visual arts come together and coexist under the same roof. For the first time a ZOO workshop – directed by Thomas Hauert – had a special focus on the didactical method underlying the teaching of ZOO tools for dance improvisations. Other activities were scheduled during two weeks by the core members of ZOO, Sarah Ludi, Samantha Van Wissen, Mat Voorter, Gabriel Schenker, Liz Kinoshita, Fabian Barba and close artistic collaborators Bert Van Dijck and Chevalier-Masson.

Eric Chevalier & Anne Masson proposed to experiment a monotype imprints process, worked out in duo and in group, to produce graphic colourful textile surfaces. The workshop was meant as an impulse to make things together, through a playfull basic technique, involving spatial and possibly choregraphic issues.

TIC TAC art centre, Brussels

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