Reculer les murs, Musée Horta


"Entrée de service", wall paper for the smoking room

A stamp shaped with a rope immediately recalled the so-called "noodle" sinuosities of Art Nouveau, drawn in particular from the inspiration of plants and whose figurative elements Victor Horta most often erased to keep only the momentum.

The graphic density of our design was finally sculpted with a double ribbon whose parallel or divergent trajectories evoke the double circulation designed in the house for the staff and for the masters of the premises. The title Service Entrance then projects, in an abstract way, the different domestic uses, explicit and implicit, maybe illicit, of these distinct routes in the snug atmosphere of the place.

Produced with Atelier D'Offard, who achieved the viscosity and transparency of the ink, colored with walnut stain to create an organic texture in the plain areas, with different degrees of coagulation and luster.

"Patatoïde", winded, felted woolen waste  /  ribbon designed pattern
photo: Paul Louis  / Musée Horta
Ball chair, mixed fibers, wood
photo: Paul Louis  / Musée Horta
in process, Atelier D'Offard

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